Forella Group offers a range of Quality Management Services. We are interested in the structured approaches and processes that ensure the highest levels of field quality. Our Quality Management Services include a number of interrelated services, including:

QA/QC Plans
  • Written plans
  • Design and constructability reviews
  • Orientation program and submittal review process
  • Pre-installation inspection / meetings for critical operations such as roofing, curtain walls, physical mock ups, etc.
  • Inspections, testing, public permit inspector coordination
  • Commissioning
  • Process and work flow optimization reviews
  • Close-out procedures
  • Troubleshooting
  • Audits
  • Failure mode analyses
  • Productivity analyses
  • Incompatible installations
  • Incompatible in-service uses or exposures
  • Incompatible maintenance
  • Non-conformance with applicable codes or regulations

Potential problems on a project are minimized through the use of proven, well defined consulting processes and ongoing training. If a problem develops, solution options are put together and remedies are set into motion. Feedback loops correct any errant processes.

QA/QC Staffing

The QC Manager is independent of the project team and reports to the principals. This independent status eliminates pressure from within the project team to abridge the QA/QC processes. Specific tasks of the QC Manager include:

  • Reviewing, approving and monitoring the Project QA/QC Plan
  • Instilling QA/QC concepts
  • Monitoring compliance with the Project QA/QC Plan
  • Monitoring the management team?s quality control program performance and adjusting monetary compensation according to quality control program results
  • Evaluating project teams in the execution of the QA/QC activities
  • Providing continuous education to Forella Group operations personnel with respect to QA/QC activities

During the early stages of design the architect, structural, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers are often not fully coordinated. It is the responsibility of our Project Manager to ensure the correct intent is understood and communicated to all shareholders.