We offer overall turn-key services that span from the pro-forma phase through the design and construction phases into tenant improvements and asset management. We have provided below representative Program Management processes.

  • Design Phase
    We provide pro-forma economic analyses for most commercial and institutional project types. Understanding and managing core project economics and related financial fundamentals are essential to securing affordable financing, and achieving a favorable financial outcome.

  • Site Logistics & Utilization
    We evaluate existing site conditions, and other related variables, such as existing utilities, operations, or access issues, in order to optimize site logistics and utilization.

  • Master Scheduling
    Scheduling the whole project from the pro-forma phase through the design, permitting and construction phases can identify bottlenecks early and help to optimize project durations and delivery dates.

  • Protection Strategies
    Where existing occupied areas, conditions, or utilities warrant, we can develop protection strategies that can be an effective way to pre-empt inadvertent consequences.

  • Budget Tracking
    Once a baseline has been established, we can track the project budget each month against the approved baselines.

  • Document Controls
    We establish the necessary document controls in order to maximize, coordination, identify risk and bottlenecks early and effectively navigate through to successful outcomes.

  • Value Analyses & Comparative Cost Benefits
    Formal value engineering services and workshops as well as on going cost benefit analysis

  • Team Building
    It has been demonstrated that projects that have a strong effective start are far more likely to maintain that energy and momentum. Projects that have a weak start, are more likely to flounder.

  • Web Based Information Management
    We help you manage your project through continuous.

    • Risk identification and tracking
    • RFI tracking
    • Submittal tracking
    • Schedule tracking
    • Budget tracking
    • Material expediting and tracking
    • Change order controls and tracking
    • Quality management and tracking
    • Correspondence
    • Job site field images

  • Job Site Safety
    We help ensure that your job sites are safe.

    • Job site hazard analyses
    • Housekeeping scorecards