Meeting owner expectations

Many owners have come to expect professional cost, schedule and quality consultative depth from their Construction Managers, General Contractors, Subcontractors and Design Build Firms. Many construction teams have weak points in these areas. For owners, this can translate directly into additional RFIs, added cost, added project duration, reduced field quality, and unmet expectations.

Peer review, coaching, & process upgrade services

We Offer:
  • An efficient way for you to assess how your preconstruction services stack up. Our Peer Reviews can assess both the quality of the preconstruction deliverables and proposals to be submitted as well as the underpinning processes and effectiveness of the personnel who developed them.
  • The expertise to immediately upgrade deficiencies. Our knowledge of industry best practices can be used to isolate your weak points, upgrade your deliverables and guide future internal process upgrades.
We can also:
  • Clarify and prioritize the upgrades that would yield the most benefit.
  • Leverage your current strengths more effectively.
  • Upgrade your presentation techniques, etc. It is difficult to obtain quality feedback in these areas. The marketplace, of course, metes out feedback in the form of rejection. Although rejection can be a valuable teacher, it's an expensive way to learn.
Our Peer Reviews and Coaching:
  • Are a less expensive way to isolate your shortcomings.
  • Require a trusted expert who can focus and follow through on the upgrade mission.