Catching preventable problems saves time and money, and enhances quality. We have developed a systematic review process that preemptively identifies and defuses major construction issues. Forella Group's experience and insight can be used to enhance the constructability of your design documents. We typically save our clients an average of several times our fee, so the investment can yield a valuable return.

  • Adding Leverage
    Our expertise can be used to add further leverage to the owner's team by:
    • Authorizing our reviews at specific points along the design development process
    • Using our reports to verify issue closure, prior to advancing to the next phase. Contact us for a Constructability Review Strategy.

  • Types
    We use two basic Constructabilty Review Methods:
    • Standard: The design documents are issued to us. We review them and generate our report deliverables from our office.
    • On-Board: Following the generation of a detailed cost estimate, for example, at the design development phase, the general contractor's estimators often become familiar with many of the pending constructability issues. If set properly from the beginning, these issues can form an excellent starting point for a Constructability Review. A rigorous continuation of the review, however, is necessary to complete the process.
    • Bills of Quantities
    • Cash Flow Projections
    • Value Analyses
    • Construction Market Surveys
    • Life Cycle, Comparative Life Cycle Expectancy Cost Studies

  • Key Elements
    Our Constructability Reviews typically focus on the following:
    • Scope Clarity & Completeness
    • Logistics, Barriers to Efficient Operations, Optimal Sequencing,Fabrication & Delivery Tactic
    • Interdisciplinary Coordination: problems are often encountered where the design disciplines interface
    • Product and Material Availability, Practicality
    • Detail Development, Clarity & Completeness
    • Risk
    • Subcontractor Procurement & Contracting Strategies

  • Construction Support Services
    Additional construction support services can be provided. These typically include:
    • Cost Estimate Reviews
    • Schedule Reviews
    • Change Order Reviews
    • Progress Inspections

  • The following is a list of what our constructability review would entail

  • Scope Administration & Management
    • Check that the Owner's program has been fully reflected
    • QA, QC and Submittal Procedures and Responsibilities
    • Check that all of the major information necessary has been included
    • Check that the field quality is constructible at a reasonable cost, within a reasonable time

  • Site Logistics
    • Optimize the site access, logistics service roads, gates, barricades, office and storage trailer locations, and phasing

  • Field Operational Issues
    • Check for opportunities to enhance construction operational efficiencies, sequencing and phasing
    • Check that necessary construction means and methods
    • Check for opportunities to enhance staging and sequencing
    • Check the details for undue constraints or hidden premiums

  • Interdisciplinary Coordination
    • Check for major coordination issues between design disciplines
    • Check for major coordination issues between FF&E installations
    • Review for major inconsistencies, conflicts and redundancies

  • Geometry
    • Accurate Dimensions, Angles, Radii, Fixed Positions & Benchmarks, etc.

  • Product and Material Availability
    • Availability of major products, materials, equipment and systems. Issues relevant to Forella Group, LLC's construction operations. Long-leads

  • Clarity and Completeness
    • Intent is clear and complete
    • There are no major omissions

  • Risk Management
    • Identification of unnecessary risk
    • Early identification of issues, i.e. anticipatory and proactive rather than reactive, reduction of rework. Reduced RFIs, change orders, exposure to claims and disputes

  • Life Cycle
    • Improved maintainability, operability and reliability

  • Subcontractor Procurement
    • Prepare a subcontractor bid and purchase schedule. Make pre-purchasing recommendations, as required, to ensure milestone deliveries
    • Subcontractor bid package strategies, packaging and pre-purchasing. Detail improvements or enhancements

    Quality must be built-in from the project inception
    AIA Handbook TQM
    AIA Redi-Check System
    CSI Manual of Practice
    • Adherence to Owner/User Requirements
    • Consistency and Coordination of Documents
    • Means and Methods of Construction
    • Staging and Construction Sequencing
    • Schedule Feasibility
    • Submittal Procedures
    • Design Team Workshops
    • Improved Maintainability, Operability & Reliability
    • Involvement of an Independent Owner-Advocate