Peter Forella

Market Intelligence

  • Continuous market tracking and research enables us to identify patterns and trends in the various local sectors.
  • Identification of market patterns and trends and the timely application of that knowledge can improve project outcomes.
  • Forella Group's researchers collect and disseminate relevant construction market data and intelligence, including escalation, productivity and capacity shortages impacting project costs.

Articles and Publications

Written by Mr. Forella

  • Escalation Tracker past issues, please contact the office
  • Fragile Economy Yields Potential, Commonwealth Contractor, an Associated Builders and Contractor publication, January 2011
  • Integrated Project Delivery, Commonwealth Contractor, an Associated Builders and Contractor publication Interview.
  • High Technology Changes Face of Construction, Washington Business Journal.
  • Solving the Labor Shortage Crisis, a feature article in Builder and Contractor, (Associated Builders and Contractor's National pub).
  • Changing the Face of Labor, Washington Business Journal.
  • Out-of-Town Firms Have Changed the Rules of the Real Estate Game, Washington Business Journal.
  • New Technologies Coming to Construction: Robotics and Other Innovations Headed Your Way, a feature article in Builder and Contractor, (Associated Builders and Contractors National publication).
  • Foreign Countries Supply Construction Workers to U.S., Old Dominion Scoop, (Associated Builders and Contractors Virginia publication).
  • Three Part Series on Exposures from Defects and Hazards of the Built Environment, Virginia Lawyers Weekly
  • Diagnosing & Correcting Defects, Washington Business Journal.
  • Internet Technologies: the Shape of Things to Come, AIANOVA News.
  • Women, Minorities Seen Moving Into Construction: Consultant Urges Shift in Training Goals, Washington Post interview. Also carried nationally by UPI.
  • UPI interview taped for national affiliates.
  • Brief Interview: WMAL, Washington, DC.
  • Local Channel 16, interviewed Mr. Forella and three other members of the Private Industry Council.
  • Interviewed by Washington Post reporter Amy Joyce for article, In Construction's Hot Season, Workers Have Evaporated.